Невозможно выполнить запрос к БД: Illegal mix of collations (koi8r_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='
				ap.id_part as 'part_id',
				ap.subject as 'name',
				ap.id_salon as 'salon_id',
				ap.`price` as 'price',
				ap.articul as 'art',
				ap.url_site as 'source',
				ap.name_marka as 'man',
				ap.id_salon as 'firm_id',
				ap.message as 'descr',
				ap.name_model as 'model',
				ap.name_marka as 'mark',
				ap.tema as 'group',
				ap.images_dir as 'images_dir',
				ap.images_disk as 'images',
				ap.images as 'images_links',
				IF(ap.fid != 'yes',1,IF(ap.status_delete IS NULL,0,1)) as 'deleted',
				IF(ap.feed = 'yes',0,1) as 'no_avito',
				'0' as 'no_drom',
				ap.count as 'amount',
				ap.avito_status as 'avito_status'
				AutoBase.AvitoParts2 ap
				 ap.name_marka = 'Lexus' AND ap.tema = '���������������� ������������ Lh' AND  ap.id_salon IN ('300649') AND ap.status_delete IS NULL AND ap.name_marka != '' AND ap.name_model != ''   AND ap.id_part = '587438'
			LIMIT 1